Ever since our quartet started, I knew there were things we were going to need to do. We were going to have to do a search for cool music, throw a concert, start volunteering, and make business cards - all things that get a quartet public. What I didn't expect was that it would get so big we would have to start a website.
    When we decided to build a website, we didn't know where to start or what to do. We just played around a little bit with google, but that didn't help. Soon later, I came across an advertisement for a presentation on how to make a website. I then noticed it was being run by my friend, Dan Rutz. I decided this was our best shot, so I gave it a go.
    I learned so much at that presentation! There are SO many factors that go behind the scenes of website making, some that I never dreamed of, like codes. The code is sort of what controls the whole format, and the way your website is run. No code - no website. They told us not to worry too much about codes, though. It's a very confusing thing, and most people hire someone to do it for them.
    We also learned about the websites to use when starting your own website. There's Webs.com, Weebly, Jimdo, Big Cartel, Into It, and Etsy. I (of course) wanted one that was free. So, they told me to try out Weebly. I used the notes I took from the presentation to help me set up my Weebly site, and it turned out beautifully! The only problem was that there were no purple or black themes, and those are our quartet colors.  So, I turned to code.  I went to this website they showed us at the presentation -
www.colorschemedesign.com. I found the color purple. I then went to the code, found color, and then changed the numbers to the numbers that purple had on the website above. Guess what? It worked! Now, we have a nice black backround, and some purple writing and accents. 
    I wrote this because it is a success story for Dan Rutz, and his compay, Up With Local. I could NEVER have done this without that useful presentation, and now my quartet is the biggest it's ever been. Thank you, Dan for giving this presentation, and thank you Up With Local!
    - Mallory Grugin, First Violin

Nice blog! I work at Up With Local - it's a great company. I'm glad the presentation was useful, I'll have to let the manager know you thought so(:


It's wonderful to see such a great group online so quickly! Congrats on being both wonderful musicians but also wonderful arts promoters!


Thank you, Nikke!


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    June 2011